Sales Enablement Leaders Drive SAVO User Alliance Group

Rockwell Automation, Logicalis, Citrix and Juniper Networks Head Leadership Board with Deep Insights into the Sales Enablement Ecosystem

Chicago, IL – January  19, 2015 – SAVO Group, the leading provider of enterprise-grade sales enablement solutions, announced the formation of SAVO User Alliance Group, which provides SAVO customers with a forum to network, share best-practices, provide product input and advance the profession of sales enablement. SAVO’s User Alliance Group is an independent user group comprised of leaders across the full range of SAVO customers, including large scale enterprises, which all have the goal of driving best practices within the sales enablement ecosystem. Founding members of the User Alliance Group executive leadership board include sales enablement experts from Rockwell Automation, Logicalis, Citrix and Juniper Networks. Directors who provide a regional perspective additionally represent the User Alliance Group at the geographic level.

As a customer-driven, self-governing forum, SAVO’s User Alliance Group provides an opportunity for new levels of customer engagement and ensures transparency with SAVO product development to keep innovation within the product development process.

SAVO User Alliance Group Board members:

President, SAVO User Alliance Group: Tom Forster, Rockwell Automation

Vice President, SAVO User Alliance Group: Laura Vaupel, Logicalis

Vice President, Product Liaison, SAVO User Alliance Group: Eric Spatzer, Citrix

General Secretary, SAVO User Alliance Group: Ruth Chatterton, Juniper Networks

“As President, but more importantly as a SAVO customer and User Alliance member, I am extremely excited about the introduction of a more efficient and effective process to help SAVO acquire and prioritize customer feedback about enhancements that are coming to the platform,” said Tom Forster, global sales enablement manager, Rockwell Automation. “Working with the resources at SAVO, we can make an impact and advance the discipline of sales enablement together.”

“Tapping into the expertise of our customers gives us invaluable insight as we develop SAVO product roadmaps,” said Jason Liu, chief executive officer, SAVO Group. “The User Alliance members are dedicated sales enablement experts who have the insight and understanding of best-practices of sales enablement which can be collectively used to input and shape the direction of our products and stimulate the progression of the sales enablement industry.”

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