SAVO Amplifies Sales Engagement Series with Inspire

SAVO Amplifies Sales Engagement Series with Inspire

New Digital Postcard Solution Helps Marketing and Sales Executives Be Memorable, Relevant and Unique For More Effective Email Conversations


CHICAGO – April 30, 2014 – SAVO Group, the market leader in sales productivity solutions, today announced it has expanded its Sales Engagement Series to include SAVO Inspire, a new digital postcard application. A result of the company’s acquisition of StoryQuest, Inc., SAVO Inspire enables marketing and sales executives to create personal and interactive multimedia communications that average a six times higher open rate than HTML emails.

“Hundreds of emails flood our prospects’ inboxes daily, vying for their attention. We needed to find a way for our sales reps to easily incorporate video and interactive multimedia elements into personal emails to distinguish their notes from the clutter,” said Jamie Shanks, president of Sales for Life. “Inspire empowers our reps to create and tell visual stories that prospects and customers care about. As a result, we are able to have more productive virtual communications with key decision makers because recipients are spending an average of six times longer with the notes, and consuming four times as much content from the message.”

Inspire provides deep analytics to reveal how many people have received the postcard, opened it and how much time was spent on each tab. The application makes it simple to have efficient, effective and engaging virtual meetings by providing a story narrative, relevant context, supporting content and a compelling call to action. When recipients click the email link, they are directed to a hosted microsite where they can navigate between multiple tabs of personal, marketing-approved content that has been pre-recorded by the sender.

The digital postcard solution is applicable for sales conversations, internal communications, training, and pre- and post-event announcements. It can flexibly integrate with marketing automation and CRM solutions based on business analytics requirements to incorporate the latest customer data and ensure relevant conversations.

“Typically, 80 percent of leads are sent back to marketing for additional nurturing, which puts sales quotas at risk,” said Kurt Andersen, executive vice president of sales enablement and marketing, SAVO. “Inspire complements the other applications within SAVO’s sales productivity platform to give reps the tools they need to successfully interact with their prospects and customers in a memorable and engaging manner that helps close more deals.”

Available immediately, pricing for SAVO Inspire starts at $15 per user per month.


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