SAVO Announces New Aero Platform Powering A Connected Seller Content Experience

Industry Pioneer Redefines Sales Content Management

Chicago, October 11 – SAVO Group, the leading provider of enterprise-grade sales content management, today announced Aero, an innovative technology platform which redefines sales content management and sales enablement. SAVO has pioneered sales enablement since its 1999 inception and, with the Aero release, is now defining its evolution.

“The market and user dynamics around content are fundamentally different today and drive different expectations for sales content management,” said Jason Liu, CEO at SAVO. “Digital content consumption is now habituated behavior that is deeply ingrained. Users want to quickly browse recommended content, digest it visually and understand it in context of their specific selling situation.”

SAVO has the largest user base in sales content management systems. Aero’s design was driven through the analysis of more than 140 million seller interactions to identify seller behavior insights, coupled with iterative design sessions between SAVO developers and customer champions. Aero works alongside SAVO’s core product, Sales Content Pro. The primary difference between the widely used core platform and the new Aero platform is a shift from a central content management system to a connected seller content experience. This enables consumer-style content consumption with the safety of an enterprise system.

“Aero optimizes around personalized experiences, predictive connections and easy integration with other systems,” said Doug Marquis, Executive Vice President, SAVO Product Development. “The technology requirements will evolve as we continue to integrate user feedback but we’ve built the framework around the personalized, predictive, connected experience.”

  • Personalized: SAVO’s Aero platform integrates the most intuitive and frequently used consumer content consumption capabilities in a content channel format. Aero brings together a consumer-grade front-end integrated to an enterprise-grade back-end enabling complex permissions, compliance, security and scalability.
  • Predictive: SAVO has historically provided prescriptive recommendations based on the most robust rules management system. SAVO’s Aero platform now introduces predictive recommendations enabling an easier, relevant browsing experience. The predictive recommendation engine optimizes input from multiple sources to provide machine-based recommendations with an algorithm able to relate content DNA, content usage, CRM data and external data sources.
  • Connected: SAVO’s Sales Content Pro already integrates into the workflow systems sellers use most, including CRM systems (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP), content storage solutions (Sharepoint, Adobe, Salesforce Content), e-mail systems (Microsoft Outlook). Aero expands the integration capabilities by integrating calendar information and content recommendations into a mobile experience.

“The Aero platform is game changing,” said Courtney Perrone, Sr. Manager of Sales Enablement & Project Manager at Welch Allyn – a participant in SAVO’s pilot program. “The technology will revolutionize how our sellers discover the most relevant content based on buyer needs, even when those needs change, to maintain a high level of trust.”

About SAVO
SAVO is the founder and pioneer of sales enablement, powering more leading brands and industries to better connect directly to their buyers. The SAVO sales enablement platform enables prescriptive content, guided selling and custom engagement tools, which drive more predictable sales results. SAVO’s Aero platform introduces the first personalized, predictive, connected content experience for sellers. Learn more at

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