SAVO Announces Next Generation Capabilities in Its Smarter Content Product More Intuitive, Engaging Experiences through Customer-Led Design

SAVO Group, the leading provider of enterprise-grade sales enablement solutions, today released next generation capabilities in its core Sales Content Pro / Smarter Content products.  SAVO now offers a more modern, streamlined interface throughout its platform, while leveraging its world-class, enterprise-grade security, scalability, prescription and permission modeling. The new release also features the first integration of CRM inside a dynamic content portal, where sellers engage directly with customers; this is in addition to SAVO’s long-standing prescription of content inside CRM.  SAVO’s blue chip customers were instrumental in driving priorities and design.

The new user interface brings a “consumerization” of content consumption, mirroring content consumption practices seen in social media and retail sites.  The new system automatically transforms the user experience while being triggered based on customer-specific timing.

The integration of CRM data directly into the sales content portal was developed in partnership with key customers.  SAVO pioneered content integration into CRM and is now pioneering CRM data integration into a sales content portal. While content integration into CRM has proliferated at the more basic end of the market, companies pursuing advanced sales enablement for sales transformation see sellers spending significantly more time inside a sales content portal, or navigating between a portal and CRM integration.  Time spent “in portal” tends to be high value time with deep research on and high engagement with customers, particularly with sellers/industries demanding a more insightful, thoughtful customer interaction (e.g., with complex technology, rapid growth, M&A activity, or heavy compliance).  Activity done in portal CRM records automatically writes back to Salesforce and synchs with SAVO’s in-CRM integration.

“This is the third key milestone in SAVO’s product strategy,” said Jeremy Schultz, EVP, Strategy, SAVO Group. “We have redesigned our core product and reporting technology, introduced a basic sales enablement solution with the acquisition of KnowledgeTree, and are now releasing next generation capabilities/innovation in our advanced sales enablement solution. This is where it gets most exciting as we have completed many of the foundational shifts needed to integrate with new acquisitions and partnerships.”

SAVO is used by more than 1 million sellers and has been long recognized as enabling advanced sales enablement tied to specific business initiatives.

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SAVO is the leader in the sales enablement market having pioneered the sales enablement category in 1999 and currently leading the consolidation of the space with its latest acquisition of KnowledgeTree.  SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform for global use, delivering content to sellers within the context of their selling situation. With SAVO, companies achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales, marketing and operations to work together with focus on the customer and greater results in the field. Learn about how more than one million sales and marketing professionals leverage SAVO today at

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