SAVO|KnowledgeTree Now Includes Context-Rich Web Application

SAVO Group, provider of the most complete sales enablement solution, today announced the launch of a new, context-rich web application for its SAVO|Knowledge Tree product.  SAVO acquired Knowledge Tree in June 2017 and now offers SAVO|KnowledgeTree as its basic sales enablement offering, in addition to the advanced SAVO solution.

SAVO|KnowledgeTree is known for its predictive and prescriptive content recommendations integrated into a Salesforce environment.  Now, for the first time, SAVO|KnowledgeTree also includes an intuitive and visual web application that quickly orients sellers to a single view of all available content, with easy discovery of relevant assets.  As always, all SAVO|KnowledgeTree content is intelligently recommended, powered by actionable AI and Salesforce context, and designed to maximize prospect engagement.

“Our strategy is to create ‘best of breed’ capabilities as we drive market consolidation,” said Jeremy Schultz, EVP, Strategy, SAVO Group. “In this case, we have taken the SAVO principle of immersive learning and introduced the concept into a basic sales enablement solution for the first time. SAVO|KnowledgeTree now delivers a more comprehensive sales enablement solution for those looking for a basic, but complete sales enablement platform – in keeping with SAVO’s established approach.”

The new web app provides sellers with content and information that support the ‘best next action’ for a seller to take, all within a powerful, yet streamlined go-to environment for sellers to work from. The new web application is available at no additional cost to any SAVO customers that purchase the SAVO|KnowledgeTree product. The web application federates content from across repositories, simplifying ongoing content management.

“Our consolidation strategy is to create optimal solutions for each segment of the market,” said Jason Liu, CEO, SAVO Group.  “We’re focused on adding value to customers and end-users as we integrate companies and capabilities, not just rolling up companies.”

With SAVO’s acquisition of KnowledgeTree earlier this year, they are the most complete sales enablement solution on the market, delivering a path forward from basic to more programmatic capabilities as an organization’s sales enablement efforts mature.

About SAVO
SAVO is the leader in the sales enablement market having pioneered the sales enablement category in 1999 and currently leading the consolidation of the space with its latest acquisition of KnowledgeTree.  SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform for global use, delivering content to sellers within the context of their selling situation. With SAVO, companies achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales, marketing and operations to work together with focus on the customer and greater results in the field. Learn about how more than one million sales and marketing professionals leverage SAVO today at

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