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SAVO Sales Enablement Case Study

The Challenge

For Rockwell Automation, an industrial automation provider, communications with their sellers had become a study in frustration. Sales support content was distributed via various channels, but salespeople felt inundated. They were too busy to read emails or attend webinars. Adoption rates of marketing and sales content were low. Often, valuable materials and messages were completely overlooked.


The Solution

Going from tuned out to turned on.
The first step in solving the issues at Rockwell was to take a step back. Leadership evaluated the company’s sales support process and realized big changes needed to occur.

“We had to say, look, it’s not that you guys aren’t doing your jobs, it’s that we’re not getting through to you in the right way,” said Rockwell Automation’s Tony Robertson. “We realized we had so many different types of communication coming from so many types of people, the field had begun to tune us out.”

Rockwell turned to SAVO to consolidate communication efforts and provide a single source of truth for each seller, regardless of where they were located. The result was a sales enablement digital newsletter called The Sales Enabler. It was powered by Noggin, Rockwell’s name for SAVO.

Keeping what’s relevant. Dropping what isn’t.

A sales person must be able to access the information at the right time and at the right place, whether it’s via mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

It must fit company goals, current sales efforts, and how the company expects the sales team to use it.

It should be concise and to the point, so personnel doesn’t waste time talking for extended periods about specific products.

Noggin as a single source, for the entire team.

With Noggin as Rockwell’s knowledge network, sellers get fresh, concise, relevant content, wherever they are and whenever they need it. It’s easy to use. And always accessible.

“We post leadership videos, and tips and tricks, and a section on some of our product launches. Which can be viewed as text or listened to on the go using their mobile device” Robertson said.

SAVO consolidates all of Rockwell Automation’s materials in one place, making it easy for sellers to find just what they need. Rockwell also leverages SAVO’s digital postcard capabilities that enable users to consume updates through a multi-media experience, with the option to dive into links for more detailed information.

Most important: the system unifies the company’s internal and external resources.
“What we’ve done is bring together a team. It’s not only a sales enablement, we’ve been able to align our regional marketing teams, our global marketing teams, internal communications, sales leadership, sales, and many other functions within our organization,” said Robertson.

Turning pushback into buy-in.

When Rockwell Automation launched The Sales Enabler, there was some resistance within the organization, primarily due to the restrictions the new system placed on the flow of information from inside the company to the sales staff in the field.

“We had a lot of pushback from people saying, ‘hey, this is something I want to communicate right away,’” Robertson said. “We had to make people understand the importance of communicating with a consistence cadence, and we had the right technology to help us keep that pace.”

Getting powerful, positive results.

The move to the SAVO system has paid significant dividends at Rockwell. The company has seen an increase, month after month, in the sales force’s use of the system. Feedback from sellers has been very positive, and there’s a much stronger connection between corporate and those in the field.

“There has been a bunch of feedback––people saying that it’s a ‘stroke of genius’ or ‘everything is to the point and what it should be.’”

That success had led to expansion. From its beginnings as a service for sales people in North America, the sales enablement program is now available to all Rockwell sellers and distributors throughout the world. Rockwell is also rolling out translated, regional versions, starting with one for Korean sellers and distributors.

Changing the way Rockwell Automation works.

The SAVO system has had a permanent, positive impact on the way people at Rockwell Automation communicate. After years of trying to send a lot of information from a lot of sources, at random times, to busy people in the field, there is now a smart, manageable flow of content.

“We have been successful in communicating on a regular cadence with our sales people. So we’ve reduced the amount of emails they receive. They know The Sales Enabler is the one source for everything,” Robertson said.

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