The top manufacturers now agree that their sales success is tied to selling solutions rather than traditional product-selling methods.

Conquer product complexities across regions and partners.

Most manufacturing companies have a large catalogue of products with complex sets of features. As a result, manufacturing sellers, dealers, and distributors need access to a wealth of product information and content. Sellers needs to be able to talk about all the different options that could be sold, and tailor their presentations to meet clients’ specified needs.

"We have more than 5,000 assets in SAVO and those resources are always available, even though salespeople are not always on their laptops and not always able to access our networks. They can use SAVO anywhere, within whatever tool they’re already using: CRM, Outlook, and iPad, or smartphone."
-Director of Marketing Programs, Plantronics


Streamlined messaging across the board.

SAVO ensures that manufacturing reps, dealers, and distributors have the right materials to demonstrate expertise on specific product values, features, and add-ons to streamline messaging across all regions and sales teams.

Regardless of industry, regardless of size, SAVO serves up solutions to all companies that have the desire to mobilize and grow. SAVO is helping companies globally with robust, complex sales cycles to increase seller effectiveness.