Solutions for Sellers

Discover content, coaching, and other sales tools that help sellers take the best next action to drive more revenue.

Effective sellers add value to their prospects and customers. But just 20% of sales people are considered “value add” by buyers.

To engage prospects, advance deals, and generate revenue, sellers need resources and content that support their opportunities. Look to the only complete solution that equips sellers with the internal and external assets they need to win.

Successful sellers add value.

They do it in every communication with clients — via email, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

That requires that sellers have the proven content and selling resources at-hand when they need it to engage and advance prospects.

SAVO makes it easy to discover content you need.

There’s no struggle to find the latest resources. Effective content predicted to win for each sales situation is easy to access via browser, mobile, or even your CRM.

Sharing content is fast — and easy to control. Sellers can dynamically generate custom content and even bundle assets on customized landing pages to engage their buyers. You give prospects a great experience with the content they need.

Sales enablement content is more than collateral. That’s why SAVO provides sellers with easy, contextual access to coaching and sales guidance. Reinforcing process and training resources helps reps sell more effectively and consistently.

"Just six weeks after launch, 92% of users surveyed said that SAVO was an improvement over the old system, and 89% agreed that SAVO helped them be more effective in the field. Users tell us they feel confident they’re getting up-to-date, compliant information. They spend less time searching and more time on the road with customers."
–Former, VP Marketing, UNUM

Meet the SAVO Sales Enablement Solution.

Sales Resource Center

Provide efficient, centralized access to sales enablement and marketing assets.

Situational Guidance

Recommend content and coaching resources that match sellers’ needs.

Buyer Experience

Suggest enablement assets that help sellers deliver a great buyer’s journey.

Message Consistency

Ensure that sellers correctly use recommended content with buyers

Process Reinforcement

Guide sellers with relevant coaching, onboarding, training, and process assets.

Get Content Fast

Access content predicted to win for every opportunity from anywhere.


Share Custom Content

Generate content tailored to your prospects’ needs and share content via engaging ‘content postcards’.

Prepare for Each Conversation

Immerse in training, guidance, and expertise that helps sellers prepare and succeed in any customer engagement.


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