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Save sellers time by pushing recommended sales content into their workflow.


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Surface Content in Your Workflow

Push Winning Content From Anywhere

Leave your content in your CMS, LMS, website, or wherever — with no versioning or duplication headaches. Or, use our enterprise class CMS to manage and centralize your content.


Push Content to Where Reps Work

Give reps content while they work in email,, and the browser. There’s no searching needed — winning content hits reps ‘in stride’.

Suggest Content Across Teams

Push content to any team via their business applications. Content surfaces on CPQ, contracting, order management, and other third-party tools — matched with the applications’ context.


Recommend Content by Sales Situation

Predict which content wins by industry, stage, product, role — or any sales situation — by harnessing the power of predictive analytics.

Guide Sales Rep Behavior

Control which content, training materials, and other guidance reps receive. Tailor content recommendations to suit your business.


Learn What Content Wins

Identify top performing content by sales situation, track content ROI, and spot content gaps to support your reps.


Control Access to Content

Open content to the right sales teams — and keep drafts locked down. Grant access to field and channel partners with confidence.

Help Reps Deliver a “PerfectPitch”

Suggest winning presentations and slides by sales situation. Enable reps to customize and share content — while retaining insight into which custom content wins

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Triple content use by your sales teams. Help them double prospect engagement and save time with proven content. Reps love KnowledgeTree.

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Get into reps hands quickly with our fast, easy roll-out. Plus, all support and implementation is included — so you get to look great while we have you covered.

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