Solutions for Sales Representatives

Strong sales ecosystems develop strong sales teams.

Great sales representatives have great tools.

Do you have what you need to succeed?


Sales reps care about hitting their number.

But instead of being focused on bringing in new business, the majority of their time is spent on administrative tasks and non-selling activities.


SAVO allows sales teams to focus on what actually matters: your customers.

SAVO gives them more time in their day by giving them the resources they need to say the right things – and do the right things – during every sales engagement. This allows them to make the most of every sales opportunity and out-play their competition.

"Before SAVO, our sellers were wasting about 4 hours a week just looking for content. That’s a long time and a lot of hours that we can now give back to them so they can focus on selling."
–Director of Sales Enablement, Blackboard