How to Create Predictable, Scalable Revenue and Triple Your Growth Rate

Only 1% of cold calls result in a meeting, and over 90% of B2B decision makers don't respond to this type of outreach. So why do we keep doing it? And if it's that unreliable, how are we supposed to effectively plan for 2018?

In this lecture, you'll hear from Aaron Ross, author of the best-selling book "Predictable Revenue", and Richard Harris, Director of Sales Training and Consulting Services at Sales Hacker, as they discuss how B2B organizations can create predictable and scalable revenue and triple their growth rate. You'll learn about what mistakes sales leaders need to avoid, how to hire the right sales reps, alternatives to cold-calling, and how these pieces of the puzzle fit together to drive revenue.

Learn about:

  • Four fatal mistakes CEOs & revenue leaders make
  • How to build a sales machine that can triple your growth rate
  • Unconventional alternatives to prospecting
  • How to hire and grow the best kinds of salespeople




Aaron Ross
Predictable Revenue

richard harris

Richard Harris
Director of Sales
Consulting & Training