Leveraging Technology to Drive Seller Efficiency and Effectiveness

Your reps are missing quotas. They’re wasting time trying to find content that is supposed to help them hit their quotas. What do you do? You start building out a sales enablement program in house, only to quickly realize you’re in over your head. Wait. Don’t go it alone! We’ve teamed up with CSO Insights (The Research Division of Miller Heiman Group) to deliver strategies that will help you find more, win more and grow more business with data-supported insights.

Tamara Schenk of CSO Insights and Matt Downes of SAVO reveal the latest trends in the CSO Insights’ 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study. Referencing empirical EMEA data outlining the effectiveness of sales force enablement, they’ll discuss:

  • The common sales disablement problems in EMEA today, and insights for improvement
  • Why leveraging technology will not only drive seller efficiency, but also effectiveness
  • How EMEA can learn from other regions on what a best-in-class Sales Enablement program looks like