The Tsunami (of Millennials) is Coming: Are You Ready?

By Minda Sulak (@Minda22

There has been a lot of research around what makes the average millennial tick and most seem to be done by people that are in the older generations. As a millennial, it is interesting to read and hear different perspectives about my generation from authors and researchers who are not millennials themselves.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with some claims that millennials are lazy, entitled, and delusional, a lot of what older generations have to say about us is true. For example, millennials are tech savvy, motivated and always looking for career advancement… to name a few.

Mary Shea, the Principal Analyst from Forrester, spoke at SAVO’s annual sales enablement conference on the importance of adapting to millennial needs in the workplace. She discussed the six key attributes to remember about millennials in order to create the best environment for them.

  1. Millennials are savvy tech users. We grew up in a time where tech is all around us and we expect it to be in the workplace as well. And if employers aren’t supporting the technology we want, research shows that we will bring it in ourselves: “In order to acquire and retain the best talent, organizations must understand the technologies that the new workforce expects and then find a way to support their employees without compromising enterprise security.” It’s important to stay ahead of the curve of technologies to make sure that you have everything that a millennial will need and expect.
  2. Millennials are quick learners. Thanks in part to rapid technology advancements, we are used to consuming information Most of us do not need to learn things over and over, so we appreciate if you trust that we will remember and apply what you’ve taught us.
  3. Millennials expect fast career progression. Millennials will knock on your door and be aggressive when it comes to their career advancement. It is important to note that you should be very clear with millennials on how and when we will be able to progress within your organization.
  4. Millennials prefer to self-manage. No hand-holding is required when it comes to Millennials. In fact, we despise micro-management. We prefer that management gives us the tools and knowledge to empower ourselves instead of deciding and designing every step for us.
  5. Millennials enjoy collaboration. It’s all about efficiency! What the baby boomers may have called taking a shortcut, millennials view as making good use of time. We enjoy sharing knowledge with each other in order to advance in our careers instead of wasting time recreating the wheel ourselves.
  6. Millennials are adept multi-taskers. We’re used to lots going on around us, and some of us actually prefer it. Though we may have five or six different apps up on our computers and may be texting our friends or family, there’s a good chance we’re still getting stuff done. Remember this next time you pass a millennial taking a quick break to Snapchat!

As a CEO or manager of millennials, you should keep these six ideas in mind to create an effective and efficient workplace. Although it might be scary to think that the younger generation is going to be taking over the workforce, trust me when I say that we’re perfectly capable – and we may even surprise you! The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be.


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  1. Jeremy Fodor on November 30, 2016 at 9:49 am

    Millennials also can be highly motivated by group activities, such as beer brewing , paintball sessions, hipster style activities. Good article

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